SPASCIA: Space Science & Algorithmics

The activities of Spascia span the whole life cycle of spatial data, specifically Earth atmosphere observation related data. Spascia participates in:

  1. the design of instruments for future space missions,
  2. the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the data collected by the instruments,
  3. the exploitation of spatial “products” in order to answer a wide range of questions for scientific research and civil applications.

Spascia mainly provides engineering and scientific research services to CNES, ESA, EUMETSAT, the European Commission, research laboratories and space industries throughout Europe. With regards to the exploitation of spatial data, our customers also include local and regional organisations (public and private) that wish to detect or quantify the impact of atmospheric events that may pose a threat to residents, economic activity, agricultural yield, or food quality.

Our team consists of practical pragmatic engineers, who all hold PhDs, with backgrounds in physics of the atmosphere, astrophysics and chemistry.

Design of instruments

We provide expertise in several aspects of atmospheric chemistry during the design phase of Earth atmosphere observation instruments.

Processing chains

We participate in the on-going quantification of the drifts that naturally occur in the measurements provided by the instruments, and in mitigating or downright improving the quality of the data.

Exploitation of space products

Our combined skills in engineering and research allow us to leverage space products to answer scientific research questions and create civilian applications.